Thursday, July 15, 2010

Greenwich Village wedding @ Jefferson Market Gardens

We just shot a really fun, casual wedding in Greenwich Village. It was held in the historic Jefferson Market Gardens in the hear of The Village. The bride arrived in a classic 1940's NY Yellow Taxi Cab and we go some great shots of the couple with their dog, who was dressed up and part of the wedding !

After the ceremony all the guests walked on foot, following the bride who led the way with a huge bunch of colored balloons - to the reception @ the lovely Little Owl Restaurant on Bedford Street in the Village. They had a cool string quartet playing famous Rock songs in a classical style, then all the tables were taken out and the crowd got down to dancing the night away to a DJ !

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Collier West said...

Gorgeous photos. They look like they are having a ball! I was the jewelry designer that did the bridal parties' one of a kind wares. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos.
I visit the city all the time and am soon to relocate, so maybe I will pop by and say hello!
If you ever have needs for a stylist or great bijouterie, please contact me!
Suzi West (aka Pont Neuf Jewelry)