Monday, September 29, 2008

Kellie visits the Mad Skin Specialist....!

I just wanted to share an amazing skin-care experience I just had over the weekend,  that is perfect for brides ( and grooms ! )

On Saturday  I found myself  lying on my back in a small room in Downtown Manhattan as Julie Lindh of Lindh Cosmetics,  applied  a series of  peels, masks and cleansing lotions to my face 
The reason ? Every time I ran into a friend of mine she looked younger and younger each time I saw her. What was her secret ? After I pried it out of her, (Julie Lindh !)I made an appointment and arrived for a quick  'facial'. 
This turned out to be more like 3 facials in 1, because Julie approaches each clients' needs individually and tailors the treatments as needed, drawing from a wide range of techniques, potions and lotions.

Mine  started with dermaplaning - which is like having your skin scraped with a dull knife, lifting dead skin off and giving your face a fresh look. Then she applied a series of peels, followed by cleansing lotions and tonics.

Next was a machine that feels like a metal robot-hand pinching your skin!  (I later learned this is called Micro-current and brings oxygen to blood cells that feed the muscle fibers).

Then came a repair and hydration treatment using light therapy.

I spent about one and a half  hours in all, being pampered and treated by Julie - who calls herself The Mad Skin Specialist !
As far as I'm concerened we could all use a little more madness in our lives. Julie offers the perfect remedy for the bride who really wants to truly glow on her Wedding Day ! 

For more information on Kellie's facial and other services, contact Julie Lindh directly on 646-704-5030 or check out the Vendors section on our site.

Friday, September 19, 2008

MEET 4EYES @ "Modern Romance"the JENNY YOO FALL BRIDAL SOIREE, 9/24/08

4Eyes will be the exclusive photographer and exhibitor at this years annual JENNY YOO FALL BRIDAL SOIREE ~ Modern Romance ~  @ The Hudson Theatre. 
This is your chance to meet us,  check out the beautiful venue, see Jenny's latest fashion line runway show and meet some of the top vendors in Manhattan !

The $25 fee includes admission for two, complimentary food and beverages, live music and the famous Goody Bag !

6pm - 9.30pm The Hudson Theatre,  145 West 44th Street, New York.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Southern Destination Wedding in Central Florida...

4Eyes just shot the destination wedding of Susan & Matt, an American bride & British groom,  who married at the ultra-exclusive Isleworth Coutry Club, in Central Florida.  
The bride got ready at the spectacular Portofino Hotel ( modeled after the Italian village, right down to a re-constructed copy of the buildings and harbor and  complete with italian speaking staff !) and then did finishing touches in a room overlooking the golf course.
 The groom drank tea and fixed his tie under a giant British Union Jack !
The wedding itself took over the entire Isleworth Country Club ( where Tiger Woods is a 
member !) and the enite affair was designed and planned by the amazing New York-based wedding planning team of JoAnne & Frank from Elegant Occasions.
We got some great portraits of the couple around the grounds, which were peppered with original sculptures by the likes of  Henry Moore & Jeff Coons. We also took them down to the lake, which had great light and the feel of the Deep South, with Spanish Moss covered trees.
The wedding was outdoors, in temperatures pushing 100 degrees, so everyone dove for the cool of the indoors for group shots around the Moroccan fountain,  in the centre of the club. Rupert could shoot from above while Kellie shot from the front. Came out very well.
The reception was held in the Clubs' Great Hall, a beautifully lit space, with banquet style tables. After speeches and a lavish buffet the dancing took over.... 
Celebrity guest Joey Fatone from N'Sync ( a close high school buddy of the Brides') was talked into performing a few songs with the band....... and the bride even got up and did a duet with him, singing Greeces' Summer Lovin' to roars of approval from the guests !!

Keep an eye on our web site for more images from this and other new weddings by Kellie & Rupert of 4Eyes....

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fabulous Labor Day Weekend Wedding at the WestSide Loft

4Eyes just shot a fabulous wedding @ The WestSide Loft,  in Manhattan,  over Labor Day Weekend. 
Tsigie ( pronounced S-i-g-a-y) & Charles ~ who met in High School ~  drew on elements of the African American culture and traditions ....and blended it with their hip,  contemporary New Yorker lives. 
Rupert photographed DJ Charles getting ready at a friends'  Downtown loft and got great shots while he  blasted Hip Hop tunes from his buddies' turntable set-up &  fussed over his look. 
All the guys then jumped in a friends' SUV and dived down to TriBeca for some cool cobble-stone street shots. Very Reservoir Dogs with everyone in slick suits and black ties.
Kellie hung with the girls and got the 'getting ready' images and did some very daring, 'R' rated portraits of Tsigie posing in the window of her beautiful suite at the Gansevoort Hotel, in the MeatPacking District !
The wedding and reception was at the WestSide Loft and the couple teamed up with planner Ebony Small from Longevity Wedding Consultants to design a New York theme. Each table was identified by a famous New York street, such as 42nd Street or Madison Avenue and there was even a Law & Order Way ( a nod to Tsigie's professional connection with the TV show !)
After a cool traditional Gospel-style ceremony,  the couple ended the service by 'jumping the broom' - (a tradition dating back to the African Slave days), where the couple jumps over a broom into their new life together. Then the couple and the entire wedding party danced and grooved their way back down the aisle, straight into the Cocktail Hour !
We got some more fun shots afterwards,  outside with the couple and their party, using the gritty New York streets as a background. We even got the couple dancing in the middle of 7th Avenue traffic !
After some great speeches,  dinner was served family style to the tables. 
Then the party really kicked in with a top New York DJ spinning and mixing Hip Hop and classics with practically the entire wedding crammed onto the dance- floor and dancing long into the night !