Sunday, November 28, 2010

TWO different clients featured in today's NEW YORK TIMES Sunday Styles ~ Vows !

Just woke up to find we have two different clients' featured in todays NEW YORK TIMES ~ Sunday Styles Section ( pages 13 & 14) ....and also on the New York Times web site !

Elhaam & Mat's rock'n'roll wedding @ Capitale is the Featured Event in the 'Vows' section today.

Adriana & Barry are in the Vows Section and also the featured 'Vows Video' with a romantic video of them talking about how they met. The video is cut with a few shots from our Engagement photo shoot with them,  in the ever changing outdoor graffiti gallery that is the  The Meat Packing District !

More photo's from both fabulous weddings coming soon  :-)

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