Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Photo Booth Craze !

It seems like more and more couple are having reception Photo Booths at their weddings these days .

We offer a modern twist on the traditional old-school "booth" set-up ( with the tiny seats and strip-photos)  by offering a full
- complete with a dedicated Photographer to run it and take professional portrait pictures for you.
( He arrives prior to the Reception and sets-up a professional background, lighting and a special printer that shoots out high-quality 4x6 photographs. You also get a DVD of all the shots too ! )

Some clients like to take pro portraits of all the guests - then put them in frames as a party favor.
 Many of our couples customize the look by having old chalk boards for guests to write fun messages and hold up in the photos.....or they bring along funky-retro fabrics for the backgrounds or party costumes for dressing-up !

Here's a few recent ones :-)

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