Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fabulous Labor Day Weekend Wedding at the WestSide Loft

4Eyes just shot a fabulous wedding @ The WestSide Loft,  in Manhattan,  over Labor Day Weekend. 
Tsigie ( pronounced S-i-g-a-y) & Charles ~ who met in High School ~  drew on elements of the African American culture and traditions ....and blended it with their hip,  contemporary New Yorker lives. 
Rupert photographed DJ Charles getting ready at a friends'  Downtown loft and got great shots while he  blasted Hip Hop tunes from his buddies' turntable set-up &  fussed over his look. 
All the guys then jumped in a friends' SUV and dived down to TriBeca for some cool cobble-stone street shots. Very Reservoir Dogs with everyone in slick suits and black ties.
Kellie hung with the girls and got the 'getting ready' images and did some very daring, 'R' rated portraits of Tsigie posing in the window of her beautiful suite at the Gansevoort Hotel, in the MeatPacking District !
The wedding and reception was at the WestSide Loft and the couple teamed up with planner Ebony Small from Longevity Wedding Consultants to design a New York theme. Each table was identified by a famous New York street, such as 42nd Street or Madison Avenue and there was even a Law & Order Way ( a nod to Tsigie's professional connection with the TV show !)
After a cool traditional Gospel-style ceremony,  the couple ended the service by 'jumping the broom' - (a tradition dating back to the African Slave days), where the couple jumps over a broom into their new life together. Then the couple and the entire wedding party danced and grooved their way back down the aisle, straight into the Cocktail Hour !
We got some more fun shots afterwards,  outside with the couple and their party, using the gritty New York streets as a background. We even got the couple dancing in the middle of 7th Avenue traffic !
After some great speeches,  dinner was served family style to the tables. 
Then the party really kicked in with a top New York DJ spinning and mixing Hip Hop and classics with practically the entire wedding crammed onto the dance- floor and dancing long into the night !


rahnay said...

This was a fabulous weeding! It was nice to see the bride and groom put their own spin on the ceremony. The bride was beyond beautiful and of course my brother, the groom was handsome as ever! Good job K.C. and Tsigie!

rahnay said...

ooops... was rushing at work and mis-spelled wedding. I can spell.. I meant to type - The WEDDING was fabulous!

Unknown said...

Tell me about!!! A night to remember, I can't wait to see the pics!
Thanks for a great time and I second that motion, Tsigie (Pronounced Siggy-if you've know her since since high school) You looked spectacular!-now I probably spelled that wrong- I don't use that word often.
I love y'all!

Anonymous said...

Nice, very Nice.....
Tsigie looks beautiful and K.C dapper, as always.
Congratulations to you both!
Look forward to seeing more pics...

carolyn said...

WOW - What can I say!
As Mother of the Groom, I just gained a new Daughter.
I am extremely proud of both K.C. & Tsigie.
I had a stupendous and fun filled weekend.
It started that Friday evening at the Bridal Shower and then we went to the Pre-wedding Party at the Gansevoort Hotel.
I had a spectacular time at the Rehearsal dinner and then on Sunday the main event.
Words can not adequately describe the wedding, it was beautiful, sacred, and emotional. I enjoyed every bit of it and I danced a lot.
Good people, good food and good music, what more can you ask for.
It was sort of like a family reunion for me as all of my family was there.
God Bless You & Keep you.

Unknown said...

I had a blast. The wedding was as perfect as can be. It was a pleasure for me to DJ for my new friends Charles & Tsigie (The Robinsons). They are fabulous people and make an incredible couple. I'm also have to say that it felt good to see all the people dancing and enjoying the music I was playing. By the way, the DJ's name is DJ Marlon B of Bizzy Entertainment. In all, I just would like to send blessings, love and happiness to my good friends... Chuck and Tsigie... : )