Monday, September 29, 2008

Kellie visits the Mad Skin Specialist....!

I just wanted to share an amazing skin-care experience I just had over the weekend,  that is perfect for brides ( and grooms ! )

On Saturday  I found myself  lying on my back in a small room in Downtown Manhattan as Julie Lindh of Lindh Cosmetics,  applied  a series of  peels, masks and cleansing lotions to my face 
The reason ? Every time I ran into a friend of mine she looked younger and younger each time I saw her. What was her secret ? After I pried it out of her, (Julie Lindh !)I made an appointment and arrived for a quick  'facial'. 
This turned out to be more like 3 facials in 1, because Julie approaches each clients' needs individually and tailors the treatments as needed, drawing from a wide range of techniques, potions and lotions.

Mine  started with dermaplaning - which is like having your skin scraped with a dull knife, lifting dead skin off and giving your face a fresh look. Then she applied a series of peels, followed by cleansing lotions and tonics.

Next was a machine that feels like a metal robot-hand pinching your skin!  (I later learned this is called Micro-current and brings oxygen to blood cells that feed the muscle fibers).

Then came a repair and hydration treatment using light therapy.

I spent about one and a half  hours in all, being pampered and treated by Julie - who calls herself The Mad Skin Specialist !
As far as I'm concerened we could all use a little more madness in our lives. Julie offers the perfect remedy for the bride who really wants to truly glow on her Wedding Day ! 

For more information on Kellie's facial and other services, contact Julie Lindh directly on 646-704-5030 or check out the Vendors section on our site.


Jennifer said...

I went to Julie before my wedding as I was recommended to her by my trainer who swears by her. I have been going back faithfully for the last 2 years. My friends thought I had done botox or something, and I told them no, I just went to my miracle worker Julie. I am 42 and most people think I am early 30's

4Eyes Photography said...

I've been going regularly for about 6 months now. Isn't she amazing ?
She is the Medicine Woman of Skincare !!

- Kellie